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We can define holistic medicine as:

The evidence and theory based replication of the restoring to, and maintenance of, health and wellness of an individual on all levels of being, including body, mind, energy and relationship levels.


...and natural medicine to include anything substance, (food, nutrients, medicinal plants, homeopathic remedies etc) or mind and body therapy that heals and allows an individual to achieve holistic health.


To heal: To make sound or whole. To restore the bodies ability to heal itself.


The first line of medicine is food.


"A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness and, having found that, he tries to cure it by food. Only when food fails does he prescribe medication." - Sun-Ssu-Mo, Taoist physician

In my practice I guide people on the relationship between the different body systems and what influences them; e.g., stress (nervous system) and blood pressure (circulatory system), and inflammation (immune system) and heart disease (circulatory system). I help people restore their bodies ability to heal itself with the right nutrients in the right dosages.

Many multivitamins contain such small amounts of nutrients no pharmacological effect results. This is why I work according to what is called orthomolecular medicine principles of using specific nutrients in specific doses that will have a therapeutic pharmacological action or response. However many nutrients have contraindications at therapeutic dosage levels so their use should be guided by a qualified nutritionist.

For the body to heal itself it needs the right diversity of nutrients in the right amounts.







For a truly holistic healing treatment, book a consultation with Jean on: 076 163 0504, or email him at phytoalchemist@gmail.com.

Location: Jean runs his practice from 149b (2nd entrance), Second Road, Chartwell, just after Broadacres shopping centre near Fourways Johannesburg North.

Consulting hours 9am-7pm. By appointment.

Jean also consults through skype for long distance clients: Jfsobiecki
076 163 0504