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Many people with high levels of anxiety are people who have had conditions in their life that have habituated them (behaviors they have learnt and internalized) to being nervous or anxious.
Some of the influences include a continual stressful environment; e.g., wartime situation, anxious parents or family upbringing, violence, abuse or a traumatic event.

Anxiety will often manifest in avoidance of social situations, nervousness, depression, digestive system disorders; irritable bowel syndrome.

Some ways to behaviorally manage anxiety include:
Avoiding labels: Eg: I have an anxiety/asocial disorder/personality disorder/socially phobic etc. Labelling is destructive in that it constrains us by putting us in a box, as if our emotions are us, or we have something wrong with us or incurable problem. We need to realize that for most people (bar the true biochemically dysfunctional) anxiety and depression are part of the human condition, and needs to be worked with, not fought against, an affirmation can be: I am anxious and it is ok!
Recognizing and understanding the source of anxiety: beliefs and fears - psychoanalysis process/self esteem training is great. Re-visioning, re-identifying who you want to be! What do you want to feel, think and act like. The Phytoalchemy Self Transformation Process!
Using mindfulness-meditation training to relax and not overly identifying with the anxiety; you are not just your emotions.
Exploring new practices to help the body release old anxiety patterns: yoga, bodywork-ka huna massage, breathwork, biodanza, shamanic practices etc.
Working on transforming destructive self beliefs- self-esteem training.
Accepting and working with emotions. Inner child therapy.
A long road to self liberation.

Mindfulness through meditation is a powerful tool to calm the mind and body and can be used to lower blood pressure and settle anxiety. To meditate we need to relax the body using the breath, and bringing our focus to our breath or body; this gives the mind a chance to settle down. All meditation is giving the mind space-a gap to breath, so to speak. Sitting in nature and absorbing our surroundings is also meditation in practice. Meditation is like any skill it needs practice.




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